Available Slip Moorage


Tyee Marina has variety

With a wide range of slips for rent at reasonable rates, boat trailer storage, mini self storage, and plenty of easy parking, Tyee Marina is the choice of boating enthusiasts. Please contact the Marina Rental Office at info@tyeemarina.com and  253-383-5321


Seasonal Summer Slips

Tyee Marina has over fifty summer slips available for reservation. Our summer slips are perfect for seasonally mooring your recreational watercraft. Reservations begin every season on Easter and are held until July 1st. Prepare for next season, visit us and reserve your seasonal summer slip! For more info call 253-383-5321


Covered 26′ – 32′ Slips

We have over a dozen 26′ – 32′ covered moorage slips that are still available for rent in the floating shed section. These 26′ – 32′ Covered Moorage Slips are limited and terrific for mooring seasonal sport boats, and great year-round recreational power boats.


30′ Slips

These 30′ open moorage slips are ideal for mooring your recreational sailboat and powerboat. We have a couple dozen 30′ and 32′ slips still available.


40′ Slips

These 40′ open moorage slips are ideal for mooring your pleasure yacht and larger vessels. We have several of these 40′ open moorage slips available for rent. Drop by and take a look today!


50′ Premium Slips

These 50′ premium open moorage slips are ideal for mooring high end large vessel. These are the marina’s premium slips, located along the calm waters of the Tyee break-water walkway. We have almost a dozen 50′ premium slips still available.


Storage Units & Lockers

Have marine equipment and boating gear to store? These storage units and lockers are perfect for storing your boating equipment on site at the marina. Don’t wait to inquire, these units go fast! Please call the Marina Rental Office for pricing and availability: 253-383-5321


Custom Premium Slips

Custom premium slips can be catered to larger vessels from 60′ to 80′ in length. These custom slips are built to suit oversized high end vessels on a case by case basis. Custom premium slips can be enhanced with extra wide dock space, solar walkway lighting, and personal dock lockers. Tyee Marina still has 2 or 3 suitable locations available for customizing.


Boat Trailer Storage

Boat trailer to store? Stop wasting space at home. Tyee Marina’s boat trailer storage section is the perfect place for storing your boat trailer on site at the marina, where it will always be out of the way, and immediately accessible when you need it. Seasonally a hot commodity, boat trailer spots quickly get reserved every summer.


Entrances Aerial Tour North & South

Take a flying tour of Tyee Marina! Aerial video of Tyee Marina North & South entrances and broad fairways, located on the scenic Northeast side of beautiful Commencement Bay, Tacoma, Washington.