Pearl Harbor attack of 1941 had unique consequences

75 YEARS AFTER PEARL HARBOR, ITS TACOMA LEGACY LINGERS By Derrick Nunnally, Tacoma News Tribune “Seventy-five years have proved Franklin D. Roosevelt right: Dec. 7, 1941, still lives in infamy. This week brings anniversary-year remembrances of the global war that followed Japan’s attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor and reflections on how…

Boating Destinations South Puget Sound

Load up the cooler, throw on life-vests and discover hidden gems of the South Puget Sound!
Blake Island 47.2425839,-122.5630517
Anderson Island 47.1739562,-122.6798977
Vashon Island 47.3905053,-122.465702
Day Island 47.2429713,-122.561823
Gig Harbor 47.329232,-122.578395
Dead Man’s Island 47.320827,-122.687781